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Introducing Tadplugin

Revolutionary WordPress plugin

The revolutionary WordPress plug-in, that allows bloggers, affiliate marketers and niche website owners to take their promoted products and make them available to their visitors from multiple marketplaces on a single affiliate offer


Here are the NEW options TAD Plugin will provide

With TAD Plugin you will be able to

Add multiple options from various marketplaces

Automatically import and compaire offer from your select marketplaces. Your offers may be marketplaces pay the best commissions per sale or also simply offering your readers many viable options to choose from

Add the smaller affiliate network offers in your local area

Some affiliate networks do not have APIs. Our solution allows you to include their offers in your content so your readers can get the best options you recommend no matter the source

You now are able to add products from the like of: Asos, Gymshark, NewLook, Bohoo, Pretty Little Things and many more!

Multiple offer Presentation Options

Present your product to your buyers’ delight with our numerous methods of presenting your offer.

Whether you have a product from 2 marketplaces or 10, serve your reader the way they want to be.

TadPlugin allows you present your offer in a variety of  design and view styles.

Multiple offers on buttons optimized for devices of all sizes

TAD Plugin is compatible with Mobile and Smart devices

Free Updates

you get free unlimited updates for one year. License will work for lifetime

Easy organized Affiliate link Management

Posting and managing links can fee like chaos, especially when blogging regularly. With TadPlugin, you’ll b able to manage your links and offers with ease

Increase sales and create loyal customers

Your best readers are those who value your content, advice and know you really care about them. The extra personal touch with your added options reminds them that you have their best interest at heart and wins them over.


What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

What a unique opportunity having seen this plugin develop into the gem it is today! This strategic acquisition is build suited for websites that provide credible information and reviews to its reader and offers its reader options for purchase

I recommend the plugin for website owner seeking a straight forward shopping price comparison feature as a call to action device and especially for savvy marketers who can use the plugin as part of a strategic overall funnel for their own product lines and services or even hybrid affiliate / personal sales combo packages which, with the aid of this plugin, can be quite lucrative given the proper traffic.

Rev. Dr. Gilberto Rosado

Social entrepreneur, Founder at Arthmetia University

If you are struggling to find profitable affiliate business for your blog or website look no more, TAD plugin is a great solution as it can help you overcome big players changing policy. Consumers are usually looking for at least 2 different options before they buy, TAD plugin gives them what they need, shorten their decision buying process and put money in your pocket no matter what they choose.

Sonia Pupaza

Sales Manager, Oracle

TAD Plugin Demo

See the plugin in action Now

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Introduction to TAD plugin (Affiliate Marketing Startup)

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