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Do marketplaces have too much control over affiliates and how they promote their offers?

Nowadays, the relationship between the affiliates and the different marketplaces has tremendous significance due to the current changes in the affiliate marketing industry. Those changes had to make affiliates change their strategies over the time in the previous two years.

The negative attitude is the most common one that makes the profit is hard to achieve, but many of affiliates understand now the new game and the competition is being in other shapes.

The positive attitude must get those changes in commissions or the frequent updates of new products as an opportunity to succeed where we are going to introduce our system to help affiliates catch the opportunities and support affiliates’ strategies all over the year.

For an example:

Amazon has been updated the commission structure to lower 20-50% of the profit for many affiliates with Fixed standard program fee rates – That means that your fee depends on what you sell, not how much you sell, so the game is changed now and it does not depend on performance after today. Here’s the new commission structure

If you depend on Amazon association only as a source of income, you can feel now with a lot of pain due to the fixed commission fee. Many affiliates depend on many sources of income with their websites like Displaying Ads for ad-sense or any other sources

By anyway, you need to make the diversity of your income with other affiliate networks too in a right way to overcome the problem of low commission especially if you’re in some niches that have dropped by huge commission percentage.

Also, there’re the other solutions using Amazon to promote their special programs fee or mixing and matching their categories.

It seems that you’re going to add many options even from multiple marketplaces to your visitors to choose between them because you must mix your offers to overcome the low profit that recently appears.

So how can you manage and present the multiple offers on the front of your visitors? Has it significance now?

Do you think that Affiliate networks have tyrannical over you now?

It’s a good question that you must think about because affiliates are feeling with liberty over the time to choose whatever they promote in their niches.

And here’s the TAD system is being developed to help affiliates’ strategies whatever happens to their profit to achieve the best ROI%.

In conclusion

TAD plug-in is helping affiliates with their strategies all over the year by a new innovative way to manage and present their multiple options to achieve the best ROI%.

TAD system is serving all of Amazon websites (US, UK, CA, AU.. etc) as a first network because Amazon has the best conversion that we can’t miss it, also TAD system is serving other affiliate networks as well to catch the other opportunities.

The 2018 Affiliate Marketing blogger Rich-list – whose banging those Benzes

The 2018 Affiliate Marketing blogger Rich-list – whose banging those Benzes

The top affiliate marketing bloggers rich list is one of our favorite search habits. If you have been searching for a affiliate marketing blogger rich list for 2018, don’t search anywhere else on the Internet, I made this guide a one-stop place to figure out all of them. 

We can say that all of the bloggers will will mention are amazing bloggers who have successfully turned their passions into a residual income for themselves and families.

The top ten (10) affiliate marketing are (as is known and verifiable)

1.    Tom Dupuis: Online Marketing Masters

Tom from Online Media Masters is one of my favourite bloggers when it comes to reading about online WordPress tutorials, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , site speed, and Affiliate Marketing.

He has been blogging for more than 5 years until now with a successful audience of 1,500 daily blog readers.

Highly recommended when you come to read the best tutorials about WordPress SEO and affiliate marketing.

2.    Nathan Lucas: Freedom Influencer

NATHAN LUCAS is Online marketing coacher, Mentor, and YouTuber who has +170 K subscribers on YouTube and a huge audience with affiliate marketing and blogging interest.

If you have the passion and want to turn it into a profitable online business, you can join NATHAN community to learn from the best online marketing Gurus, no matters where you’re in your business.

3.    Pat Flynn: Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is one of the most helpful guys about teaching you proved strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income. He has an amazing journey of ten years which was with a simple goal to share his knowledge only then he becomes bigger and bigger with the diligence.

If you want a wonderful place from a greater person to get the most ethical pieces of advice, you can learn to follow Pat to learn the failures and successes in his journey.

4.    Spencer Haws: Niche Pursuits

You can build a successful niche website if you follow his guides and reviews.

Spencer Haws is the owner of our favourite keyword tool “long tail pro” which is the best tool that all of us use to find the long tail keywords when we are going to build a niche website, he has lots of startups and products in the internet marketing niches.

5.    Zac Johnson: Zach Johnson website

One of the friendliest guys to help you answer your questions regarding the blogging in his new free course “7 Day blog challenge” that get you a new way to start a blog, not like the other.

Also, Zac has a lot of passion stories that indicate to a huge talent in his life through the college and with his family. You will impress when you read about his passion.

You can get a different way of blogging than the other with his courses and eBooks.

6.    David Risley: Blog Marketing Academy

David Risley is a veteran blogger, online entrepreneur, coaching, and author for PC World, PC Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

David Risley has an empire of blogging materials that had helped a lot of students since 2008 with his membership site. He has a lot of training materials from building a blog to product creation, traffic, and getting sales, you will discover how to make a business model canvas too with original materials.

David Risley is one of the most experienced bloggers whomever you saw online.

7.    Matthew Woodward: Matthew Woodward website

Matthew Woodward is one of the most famous bloggers who can help you achieve your goals online with multi-award winning business.

You can learn a lot of topics like SEO, Social Media, blogging, email marketing, traffic generation, and e-commerce.

Matthew Woodward has a blog that worth reading every day with a lot of interesting topics that can help you achieve your goals online.

8.    Harsh AgrawalShout Me Loud

Harsh Agrawal is an Indian blogger with one of the most profitable blog across over India and the world. He has a big network of blogs that help bloggers all over the world to learn from the beginner level to the advanced level with 90% practical information.

Harsh Agrawal has a community that worth joining.

9.    Kulwant NagiBlogging Cage

Kulwant Nagi is an affiliate marketing, professional blogger, and creative writer. Kulwant Nagi helps the newbies who are struggling to start their first blog and make interviews of the top bloggers to gain more experiences to reach to be one of the top bloggers in India.

Kulwant Nagi can be one of the top world-class blogs soon with his diligence. Vote for him!!!

10.    Jitendra Vaswani: Bloggers Ideas

In my opinion, Jitendra Vaswani is the best blogger in India with a lot of successes with top brand companies all over the world. Blogger idea is the best place to learn from SEO experts and generation of traffic.

Jitendra Vaswani is so skilful with many of his companies that stand out from the crowd with unique innovative solutions, especially in an SEO.

Go ahead and start read this blogger’s ideas!

11.    Anil Agarwal: Bloggers Passion

Anil Agarwal is a professional blogger from India. Anil Agarwal is a very clever blogger with a lot of posts about making money blog, SEO, affiliate marketing strategies, and blogging tips.

Blogger passion is one of my favourite blogs that I read every day to gain the experiences related to the affiliate marketing strategies.

12.    Yaro Stark:

Yaro is one of the biggest bloggers who help many experts to sell their knowledge online through blogging all over the world with his wonderful Blog Sales Funnel Model. He has various training courses and guides that consider the main source of inspirations for a lot of people.

My advice, Yaro is a professional guy who can help you to start earning from your blog business.

Introduction to TAD plugin (Affiliate Marketing Startup)

Introduction to TAD plugin (Affiliate Marketing Startup)

Update 2018:

Our future technology

You’re here to discover one of the most ambitious startups in the affiliate marketing industry that would like to disappear the ways of difficulties for affiliates who are working on different marketplaces – no technical work after today for better, faster, and stronger affiliates.

All of us know about Amazon updates that added a lot of potentiality to our product in March 2017, but its hurt all of the affiliates who were working with Amazon. The solution and the trend now is the diversity which needs a lot of technical works, so TAD plugin comes now to break down the technical work and make the process automatically with an amazing system that makes customers more than visitors to your blog/ affiliate site.

Nowadays, Affiliates are going to mix their offers to compensate the huge loss in the revenue because the commission ROI is harmed in compare to the costs of running an affiliate website. Tad system is now the brilliant solution. Our team are rehearsed with a lot of diligence to introduce something add benefits to your profit, time, and efforts to make easy working on different marketplaces (diversity) with achieving high commission ROI.

What’s the TAD system?

TAD plugin is a WordPress plugin that uses AI (R language) to make easy working on different marketplaces without any technical works. TAD plugin offers a system with large benefits to deal with your offers by a professional way likes:

Add retails’ offers automatically by using APIsAdd multiple options from different marketplaces.
Add any offers by using the customize optionUse it with offers that not need to pull the price. Use it as an app to add the small affiliate network offers for the affiliate beginners.
The timing of the offers (Management options)Create a strategy all over the year to the promotional offers especially in the seasons.
Design options to the button with different layoutsIncrease the conversion with nice front-end users with button and box style.
Statistics optionsTrack the conversion to optimize your offers
Alert optionsIncrease sales and create loyal customers
Mobile and smart device compatibilityFit with any devices
Presentation your offers on the front of your visitors (Innovation part)Increase the ROI % of your offers by making your visitors choosing the desirable option.


If you’re interested to be with us as an early adopter, contact me at or leave a comment to contact you soon. Our team is ready to listen to your thoughts with mutual benefits of $10 K value of our software subscriptions plans.