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Nowadays, the relationship between the affiliates and the different marketplaces has tremendous significance due to the current changes in the affiliate marketing industry. Those changes had to make affiliates change their strategies over the time in the previous two years.

The negative attitude is the most common one that makes the profit is hard to achieve, but many of affiliates understand now the new game and the competition is being in other shapes.

The positive attitude must get those changes in commissions or the frequent updates of new products as an opportunity to succeed where we are going to introduce our system to help affiliates catch the opportunities and support affiliates’ strategies all over the year.

For an example:

Amazon has been updated the commission structure to lower 20-50% of the profit for many affiliates with Fixed standard program fee rates – That means that your fee depends on what you sell, not how much you sell, so the game is changed now and it does not depend on performance after today. Here’s the new commission structure

If you depend on Amazon association only as a source of income, you can feel now with a lot of pain due to the fixed commission fee. Many affiliates depend on many sources of income with their websites like Displaying Ads for ad-sense or any other sources

By anyway, you need to make the diversity of your income with other affiliate networks too in a right way to overcome the problem of low commission especially if you’re in some niches that have dropped by huge commission percentage.

Also, there’re the other solutions using Amazon to promote their special programs fee or mixing and matching their categories.

It seems that you’re going to add many options even from multiple marketplaces to your visitors to choose between them because you must mix your offers to overcome the low profit that recently appears.

So how can you manage and present the multiple offers on the front of your visitors? Has it significance now?

Do you think that Affiliate networks have tyrannical over you now?

It’s a good question that you must think about because affiliates are feeling with liberty over the time to choose whatever they promote in their niches.

And here’s the TAD system is being developed to help affiliates’ strategies whatever happens to their profit to achieve the best ROI%.

In conclusion

TAD plug-in is helping affiliates with their strategies all over the year by a new innovative way to manage and present their multiple options to achieve the best ROI%.

TAD system is serving all of Amazon websites (US, UK, CA, AU.. etc) as a first network because Amazon has the best conversion that we can’t miss it, also TAD system is serving other affiliate networks as well to catch the other opportunities.