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Update 2018:

Our future technology

You’re here to discover one of the most ambitious startups in the affiliate marketing industry that would like to disappear the ways of difficulties for affiliates who are working on different marketplaces – no technical work after today for better, faster, and stronger affiliates.

All of us know about Amazon updates that added a lot of potentiality to our product in March 2017, but its hurt all of the affiliates who were working with Amazon. The solution and the trend now is the diversity which needs a lot of technical works, so TAD plugin comes now to break down the technical work and make the process automatically with an amazing system that makes customers more than visitors to your blog/ affiliate site.

Nowadays, Affiliates are going to mix their offers to compensate the huge loss in the revenue because the commission ROI is harmed in compare to the costs of running an affiliate website. Tad system is now the brilliant solution. Our team are rehearsed with a lot of diligence to introduce something add benefits to your profit, time, and efforts to make easy working on different marketplaces (diversity) with achieving high commission ROI.

What’s the TAD system?

TAD plugin is a WordPress plugin that uses AI (R language) to make easy working on different marketplaces without any technical works. TAD plugin offers a system with large benefits to deal with your offers by a professional way likes:

Add retails’ offers automatically by using APIsAdd multiple options from different marketplaces.
Add any offers by using the customize optionUse it with offers that not need to pull the price. Use it as an app to add the small affiliate network offers for the affiliate beginners.
The timing of the offers (Management options)Create a strategy all over the year to the promotional offers especially in the seasons.
Design options to the button with different layoutsIncrease the conversion with nice front-end users with button and box style.
Statistics optionsTrack the conversion to optimize your offers
Alert optionsIncrease sales and create loyal customers
Mobile and smart device compatibilityFit with any devices
Presentation your offers on the front of your visitors (Innovation part)Increase the ROI % of your offers by making your visitors choosing the desirable option.


If you’re interested to be with us as an early adopter, contact me at or leave a comment to contact you soon. Our team is ready to listen to your thoughts with mutual benefits of $10 K value of our software subscriptions plans.